Hello and thank you for your time. My name is Gladys Beri and I am your host at

Healing Family Wounds

I help people raise their kids in Emotionally Healthy Families.   I teach them how to Heal from the Pain of Domestic Violence, Abuse, and other Family Wounds so that they can Transform into better versions of who they were meant to be and live with Purpose, Passion and Fulfillment.

I got inspired to do this work from my experiences being stuck in a very abusive marriage for years and trying to be “strong”  while I was being

physically, sexually, emotionally, psychologically and financially abused till one day I hit rock bottom and

I asked myself , is this really is all there is to my life ? I decided No, I am not a victim of my perpetrator anymore, Domestic Violence shall not define who I am and I will not exit this world without making a positive change for our kids to be raised in Emotionally Healthy Families.

But liberating myself from his grip over my life was just one step. The process of healing from the pain of the deep wounds and rewriting my story to transform from a victim to a survivor and to the CHAMPION I am today, has taught me lessons which have become my message to you and the rest of the world. Please let me assure you that you too can rise beyond your pain, surpass those negative events and become

the CHAMPION of your life!

Based on my transformative experiences there are a few principles that guide my practice and with your permission, I will like to share them now. However, before I do, let me inform you that my scope of influence is limited to cases where Mental Illness and any mood altering drugs are not factors influencing behavior.


  • That to break the cycle of continuously attracting abusive partners in our lives, we need   to recognize and take responsibility for the roles we play  in our stories, whether consciously, unconsciously or unintentionally, how we contribute to triggering acts of violence. We are either Participants, Enablers or we subject the kids to be Scapegoats of the pain of this dysfunctional family system. But the good news is we can all work together to eradicate violence in families.

  • That for us to eradicate violence in homes, EVERYONE involved in any episode of acts of violence needs to experience Transformative Healing, and that includes victims, survivors and perpetrators who wish to be a part of this movement. We all need to heal! No one left behind! #FamiliesMatter!

  • That the failure or breakup of your marriage does not have to result in the breakup of your family. Hence kids should not be used to punish or get even with the other parent through Parental Alienation as kids are the biggest victims of  this form of Emotional Abuse and they are recycling the pain from generation to generation.

  • That instead of using fear to control the kids and alienate the other parent, be inspired to teach the kids to love, the way you wish you had been loved, and together, we will raise a generation of people who share common values such as kindness, friendliness, compassion and love. That’s what makes us family.

  • That while not everyone will be convinced to get out of their abusive relationships, I want  to encourage you to begin to educate your kids about your struggles and inspire them to work for a better life style and never settle for mediocrity.

  • That your victim story does not have to define the rest of your life. We can work together to rewrite your story and this time, you can be the CHAMPION of your own life.

Permit me ask you a question. Are you happy with your life right now? If not, why? Imagine that 10 to 20 years from now, your child is an adult and he/she is struggling with the same issues you are struggling with right now, will you be happy for them? The great news is we can work together to change that pattern, only if you will take action today, but  More on that later.

I’m sure by now you’re guessing I am pretty deep in my thinking and earnest with the material I teach. A part of it has to do with my personality type as I am an INFP according to Carl Jung’s and Isabel Briggs Myers’ typology.

But please relax, I love life! When I am not transforming lives, I have fun spending girl time with my daughters, Faith & Tricia and they keep me on my toes.  I love my other job as an Occupational Therapy Practitioner, where I am a Clinical Leader with several Specialty Certifications such as a Certified Lymph-Edema Therapist, Complex Disease Management Specialist, Wheel Chair & Positioning Specialist, and Dementia Management specialist, just to name a few. Then I design events, oh, I love flowers! Big floral arrangements that stand tall and have guests be like “WOW”, yes I build them! I sing with my friends at our local church. I am an Author and a Keynote Speaker at Events and I sometimes perform my 1 man skit depicting triggers of domestic violence from an African perspective.  Oh, did I mention I am a first generation immigrant from Cameroon – Africa? Yes, I am and if I can make it this far, even you too can rise beyond your pain and Transform to the CHAMPION you were meant to be.

I now invite you to get in touch and let me know how I can help you become the next CHAMPION the world has been waiting for. You have a message the world needs to hear, you have gifts to share, you have a divine purpose to serve and impact your life, your family, your community and  humanity.

You do not have to come to the end of your life with your dreams unfulfilled.

So what is your biggest challenge right now?

What dreams did you give up on?

What is your vision for your life?

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