The Sacred Healing Drum Circle

A Weekly Program where you relax, feel at home, release your stress, anxiety and nervous energy and refuel you life with positivity, energy and motivation to accomplish great things and most of all, train yourself to live the life you want.

Free Self Forgiveness Meditation Training

How do you cleanse your heart and soul from your past, forgive everyone and move forward? How do you recover from your bad, abusive past, stop and reset everything in your life and reboot it to make it the way you want it to be – Perfectly Happy and Satisfying!

Healing Family Wounds

We’re on a mission to break the pattern of handing down family dysfunction, pain  and poverty to kids, because we believe our children deserve to be raised in emotionally healthy homes, with structure as the foundation for nurturing confident leaders in our communities.

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I invite you to learn more about how we can make your life better, happier and more fulfilling. Schedule your free consultation today, so that we can discuss a plan to help you begin to write the next chapter of your life with confidence.

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Gladys Beri

Free Training Masterclass

How to Heal The Pain of Domestic Violence and Disrupt Dysfunctional family Patterns to Create  Love, Harmony & Prosperity in your life.

What you need to understand about law enforcement & domestic violence

How to support the kids while you pull yourself together.

How to break the cycle of emotional and financial dependence in our lives and the lives of our children.

How to create harmony, love, prosperity and live the life of our full potentials while impacting humanity.

Healing Family Wounds Programs


Emotional Healing Program

Self Awareness & Mastery

Spiritual Millionaire Mastermind

Personal Coaching

Create Magic with Your Soulmate

The Healing Family Wounds Self Forgiveness exercise

is a step by step guide, to help you release yourself from your past and free your mind.

Your desires to experience true love, self acceptance, harmony and prosperity  is the universe whispering to you, for an awakening to transcendence and growth.

You were born to win, to overcome, and conquer your difficulties in life. Your greatest joy is to overcome these difficulties and live the life of your dreams.

FEBRUARY 12 – 16 2020



Personal Development


Business Development


Family Leadership


#ForgiveUrSelf, #HealUrHeart, #GetRich!

It’s the ultimate underdog come back!

Hosted By:

Gladys Beri,

Transformational Teacher, Life Coach & Founder, Healing Family Wounds LLC.

Guest Speaker:

Mary Bauer,

Reiki Master, Author, Certified in Healing Touch & Theta Healing.

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Date and Time

4:oo PM – Wednesday, February 12 2020
11:00 AM – Sunday, February 16 2020

Refund Policy

We will love to however, we can’t do refunds at this time.

You can transfer your ticket to someone else or attend another scheduled retreat.

If you’re not sure yet, do not buy tickets.

It takes away the opportunity from someone else who would otherwise benefit from attending.



To be finalized.
Minneapolis/Saint Paul,
United States

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If you have come to a point in your life where you are wondering if this really is all there is to your life and you are ready to hit that reset button and create a new reality for yourself, this is for you. We are excited to be a part of your journey and look forward to helping you transform your dreams and possibilities into fulfilling realities.

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