By Gladys Beri

Many of us are struggling with emotional pain from negative experiences such as Abuse, Abandonment, Addiction, Betrayal, Domestic Violence, Scarcity, or Illness. We notice negative patterns in which we are constantly battling to survive recurrent negative life experiences. We also experience loneliness in our hearts and wonder if this really is all there is to life. 

The truth is, there is a lot more to life than all the pain and suffering. At the very least, we all want our dreams to come true, and we want to experience abundance in our lives. The secret is, the answers to all these problems already exist in us. Let me explain. 

Subconscious negative programming in our minds may be holding us back. We may not be in alignment with the universal laws that govern our lives on this earth, or we are unconsciously transferring the pain of the old emotional wounds  into new experiences in our lives, that sabotage our chances of creating something different or better. So we continue to recreate and recycle negative experiences. We find ourselves suppressing our anger and other emotions, especially the expression of love and our sexuality. We struggle with guilt and shame over something that happened and allow fear control our lives.

Please allow me give some kind reminders about the pain of the past:

1. No matter how much time we spend worrying about what happened, feeling sad and resentful, we cannot change the past. We have no control over what happened. It is done. We cannot undo it.

2.The only way to predict a brighter future is to consciously create it. We can control our lives and our future when we create it ourselves.

3. Dwelling in the past directly blocks our ability to create a brighter future. We have the power to heal from the past, to learn from it, and to use those lessons to create abundance in any area of our lives.

Our ability to create a new reality in our lives depends on one major factor: How we see ourselves.

If we continue seeing ourselves as victims or survivors of our circumstances, we will continue subjecting ourselves to the pain and  pattern of recreating it. However, if we DETACH from using our painful experiences to define ourselves, we release ourselves from the pain that has held us back, and we start seeing ourselves in the light of new possibilities. You see the difference? Victim/survival mode versus creator/over comer mode.

I suggest you let go of the fear, let go of the guilt of the past, and release your emotional baggage. Get to know your authentic self and master your personal strengths so that you can use them to create your new reality.

Emotional baggage weighs us down. It causes us to recycle and recreate the negative situations in our lives.

Fear and guilt hold us hostage; suppressed anger prevents us from releasing those who have hurt us. However, if we let go of fear, guilt, and anger, we take control of our lives and we break the cycle of the negative patterns in which we have been struggling to survive. We release ourselves from all family or ancestral bondage and pain; we fill our hearts with love, and begin consciously creating a new, better experience in our lives. We give ourselves permission to rise up again and create what we want in our lives.

If you have been seeing yourself as broken, defective, powerless, weak, helpless, and not good enough, you are invited to heal from whatever negative experience caused you to buy into that mindset so you can start nurturing the emotion of love in the garden of your heart.

You are powerful, you are brave, you have the ability to change any situation you don’t want in your life.

The reason this matters is because, to get to that point in our lives where we are creators of what we want, we must be in a state of having love in our hearts. This is when the only thing in our hearts is love – no judgments. Everything good, which we want to create and experience, comes out of love. When love is in our hearts, we become passionate, powerful, resourceful, and creative enough to share our gifts with the world. That is how the universe rewards us with what we want to create in our lives.

Love connects us with the source of creation . The power of love connects us all. In essence, we are love. When we create out of love in our hearts, we make life meaningful and fulfilling, for ourselves and for others. The reason we can create the life we want is because we can reconnect with our hearts and align with our authentic selves – Love, source, infinite power. Love is abundance.

If you have been wondering whether your negative experiences are really all there is to life, the answer is no. You can heal from all that and release yourself from that bondage, so you can create the life you want.

The Emotional Healing e-course is a tool to help you release yourself from the pain of your past. It is a step-by-step guide that helps you tell your story, forgive yourself and all those who wounded you, release yourself from negative programming and ancestral bondage, heal your heart, and return to love, so that you can begin to create abundance in any area of your life . However, before I tell you more about the Emotional Healing e-course, I will like to invite you to our Facebook group, where we nurture and support one another on our journey to healing. Please click the button below to find us. I will See you inside.