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Have you been living your life as a victim of circumstances, been struggling through survival mode and are trying to figure out how to take your life to the next level? This is for Individuals looking to Heal from the pain of being victims, survivors or perpetrators of domestic violence and other emotional wounds and who want  to Transform to Champions of Their Own Lives.

6 weeks Group Coaching Online:
Package Description:
2 sessions of 1:1 coaching Online
6 sessions Group Coaching Online
Group sessions on Thursday Evenings 6pm – 8pm central

There is always a replay available if you miss a session.
Access to Private Support Group Online

Requirements to Participate:

  • An Open mind:

Understand that you cannot solve a problem with the same mindset  that created the problem in the first place.

To serve you at the deepest, and most effective level, we encourage you to have the humility to listen, even when it is painfully honest.

  • Genuine willingness to learn new and  or different strategies to transform your life.
  • Excitement about changes you will make to manifest your transformation.
  • Willingness to let go beliefs, mindsets and practices that no longer serve you.
  • A clear vision for your life and what you want to benefit from our time together.

If this sounds like the opportunity you have been searching for, you are invited to take inspired action now, purchase your ticket to the next group  and schedule your first 1:1 session.

You will be glad you did.



For Individuals looking to Heal and Transform their lives

from victims, survivors or perpetrators of domestic violence and other emotional wounds to

Champions of Their Own Lives.


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