Transformative Healing Workshop


1 day workshop  from 9am to 5 pm.

The context of this workshop addressing issues of Domestic Violence and other emotional wounds is based on scenarios where drugs and alcohol are not factors influencing behavior.

All teachings are based on the understanding that EVERYONE involved in the picture of any incident of domestic violence and other wounds needs healing. We are focused on healing family wounds, and building Emotionally Healthy families in our communities.

What you will learn:
-What causes people to resort to violent behavior – (understand your role, the triggers, the perpetrator and how you have been handling triggers  )
-How To Find and Connect with your Authentic Self (- not your violent self. We are not born violent people)
-How to Heal Your Family Wounds (Introduction to the Healing Process)

Venue to be added. Please check back soon for updates

coffee, snacks and Cold lunch provided

Check in begins at 9am, lessons begin at 10am.

There is homework to do before you come to this workshop. Be sure to complete it, print it and bring your results to the workshop for us to serve you better. You will get the homework assignment in your confirmation email.

If you feel inspired right now to do 1 thing today to improve your life tomorrow, now is the time to grab your ticket to the next live event.



1 day workshop  from 9am to 5 pm.
-What causes people to become violent
-How To Find and Connect with your Authentic Self
-How to Heal Your Family Wounds


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