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How to Heal From the Pain of

Domestic Violence & Break the Cycle of Abuse  to Create  Harmony & Prosperity in our lives

Gladys Beri Reveals the Healing Family Wounds top strategies to heal inter-generational wounds, break the cycle and create harmony, love, and prosperity in our lives.

Benefits of attending this Masterclass:

What you need to understand about law enforcement & domestic violence

How to support the kids while you pull yourself together.

How to break the cycle of emotional and financial dependence in our lives and the lives of our children.

How to create harmony, love, prosperity and live the life of our full potentials while impacting humanity.

Who am I

(Gladys Beri)

and why I do what I do?

Gladys Beri is a Transformational Teacher, Life Coach, Author, Speaker and founder of Healing Family Wounds LLC. She is highly sought after for her ability to inspire, educate and empower her clients to heal from the pain of domestic violence, abuse and other emotional wounds, so they can regain their personal power and transform to the  Higher Value Version of themselves. Gladys emphasizes on breaking the cycle of emotional and financial dependence, how to create harmony and live the life of your full potentials while serving humanity.

Having been a victim of domestic violence and abuse herself, she understands the struggles victims face.

In her rock bottom moment, several questions ran through her mind. What have you allowed yourself to be reduced to? Is this where you belong? Is this really all there is to your life?

She decided no. She refused to give in to mediocrity, she refused to be defined by the wounds of her past and decided to make a contribution for social change, so that her kids and other children can be raised by emotionally healthy parents and the cycle of domestic violence can be broken, one family at a time.

Gladys sought to find answers to three main questions:

How do people become victims?

How do people become abusive?

How can one heal, break this cycle and create harmony in their life?

The answers she found have become the life lessons she teaches through the trans-formative messages and experiences created at Healing Family Wounds.

Gladys Believes in Healing for all. She believes we need more dads to heal and become Positive Role Models for their children. She believes that if Family Wounds are healed, children will learn how to show kindness, compassion, friendliness and love, even at school, because that is what they will experience with their role models at home.

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Domestic Violence & Break the Cycle of Abuse in our lives