Free Training Masterclass Reveals
How to Heal From the Pain of

Domestic Violence & Break the Cycle of Abuse in our lives

Gladys Beri Reveals the Healing Family Wounds top strategies to heal generational wounds and create emotionally healthy homes.

Benefits of attending this Masterclass:

Understand how come we attract abusive partners.

Understand how the pain from these negative experiences affects us and our kids

How to deal with the anger bitterness and resentment towards an abuser.

How to break that cycle of violence and abuse in our families, so that our kids do not end up struggling with the same issues we have been struggling with all along.

Who am I

(Gladys Beri)

and why I do what I do?

My name is Gladys Beri and just like many of you, I am a mother who used to be stuck in very abusive marriage. For the sake of the kids I tried to be strong and hang in there till one day I hit rock bottom. In that moment, a few questions ran through my mind.

What have you allowed yourself to be reduced to? Is this really all there is to your life? And you know what? I said “no.”

I refused to give in to mediocrity. I refused to let the pain of my past wounds define me. I decided that, before I exit this world,

I would make a contribution toward change, so that we can break the cycle of domestic violence in our homes and so our kids can begin experiencing the benefits of being raised in emotionally healthy families.

So, I embarked on a journey, seeking answers to questions such as: What will it take to heal from the pain of all these emotional wounds and live a life of my true potential?

The answers I found have become the lessons I share through the transformative messages and experiences created at Healing Family Wounds. But more on that later.

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Domestic Violence & Break the Cycle of Abuse in our lives